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After being in Germany for QRL during some weeks. In Schladen in the Hartz area. Last week we stayed in the small beautiful middle-age city Hornburg close to the former Ostgrenze.  Not far from the Brocken 1050m.  I can recommend this pension ***   nice place quiet, wlan free.

Now finally some time for finishing this.
When away i let WSPR running remote i can control it even from the HTC phone but I could not switch to 160m
The K3 has ANT1 and ANT2  + some RX TX ports
It can handle 2 antenna/bands in WSPR  ANT 1 is connected to 6M 7eleLFA or  160m vertical  through a  manual switch. ANT2 was connected to the 80M  vertical.
To be able to switch more antenna's  I made a relay controlled ANT switch.

A small professionally made chromium-plated brass box was resting in my junk-box for years.  Once  it was used  as RF switch too but with diodes and odd connectors. I got 4 good quality PL259 plugs from Hongkong 2€ each free shipping! Too late I saw that our loca…