Monday, February 18, 2013

S57A 474 kHz V63ZM 80 cw

Most activity was in WSPR  but some CW QSO have been made using the FLEX1500 at 474.200kHz
I need to make a X-verter  for this band anyway since the Flex is having some spurious  6.5kHz +/-
Pity it looked an easy way to be on this 630m.
I received this nice card.  I have been long time in Slovenia near Ormoz Ljutomer Ptuj  Jeruzalem I know the area a bit good memories.


Yesterday I was attending 80/160 Sunset here 
Heard V63ZM  starting CQ at 3507    real nice signal  peaking 579
Despite I called right from the start when the cluster spots did not yet reached the 80m QRI folks to initiate the ZOO.
He worked almost exclusively OK UA I  few    DL's  ( close to OK I guess)  
I tried  all the tactics,  calling at QSX  just after a QSO  ( not on top as the usuals do...)  called little above  or below QSX or in a clean QSX freq .  But sometimes it feels like they do not want to hear you  .
Like this time.
I was only dreaming of having a 4 square and a kW at every leg..
But it's only nice DX  no drama only frustrating such good signal.
Possible it was a slim?  Worked at 30m  also very very touch to get.
They are running to much power for their RX capabilities.. 



Mostly S&P    running low power  & dipole
The 7 call district was the touch one here with auroral flutter. Only the big guns came through.
Idaho and Wyoming  not heard  Nevada heard only.
But even the 1,2,3,4,5 call district have rare ones Like Maine  ME  DC MS
Besides the good signals and operators from Stateside.
 Checking off all states in the map that was always my attraction for the ARRL contest.
49 USA States + 14 VE Provinces   including the 5 never heard NWT LB MB YT NU  and rare AB behind the AURORA shield that we have to deal with more than S/SE EU
  KH6 is DX
63 multy's  x 6 bands is the maximum.
Propagation was not super  but good enough.
 10m was open more on Sunday  even to  CA.
I did not have a beam up that would have been nice  but a small physical problem held me down.
When running CQ with beam a more comfortable signal could attrack the missing States.
 I heard Kentucky Montana Oregon at 28 but could not get in their logs.
 N4AR KY was strong on 28  but he met an old friend and started chatting..
Missing  6dB ERP to  reach the deeper parts of the U.S.
I could switch in the Acom1000 but that's  not the sport....
It was fun but next time will have to bring my 4 ele 10/15 beam in to have more action.

Made a QUERY to select out worked all 6 bands:
160m  was the toughest band  to hear me  80W My K3 does drop power at 160m for yet unknown reason

The  six band galery 

many 5 banders including
NY4A  heard them well at 160  but despite calling many times they did not respond.
NN1N  missing at 15m ..