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Was home late tonight,I thought well to late for the high bandevening peakto TX5K  
One of the 2 final evenings to catch them.
But amazingly I could still hear them very weak at 28033 with a big pile. 
At 24903 CW 20hour local good signal. Worked on the 80m vertical.
There was a sort of second window at 28MHz about 21hour local could copy well at times 519 Normal the best time is about 17 18 local for 28MHz but Clipperton is a special location.
Not strong enough to make it in the 10m log this time.
The pile was too big and most other EU south of me including PA's  reported stronger signals.

now worked 8 band  10m is left.

21 14 18MHz very weak signal here late tonight but relative easy to workalmost real-time confirmed  by DXA.

Possible the piles weakened a bit most Balkan and S-EU hams must already be in the log. for 18.83MHz I used my 80m vertical that one does match on 17m.

DXA is the most luxurious DX-pedition information site I have seen.
Very well designed.