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How to quiet the IC706?

The IC706 ( ohne alles)    is a great set  but has an annoying fan  that always runs. Now using it again for receiving  137kHz  it becomes a problem if you switch of the IC706 it is a relieve.
I tried to find if something could be done about that noise.
The FAN runs at lower speed during receive.
There is an 47Ω R  in series that is shorted during TX (the schematic says 470Ω  but i doubt that.This R is located at the PA board close to the connector of the FAN. It is a power SMD.
Recently i got an SMD soldering station the AOYUE 968   this great demo is the 962 without the extra 30W soldering tool real nice  3 functions in one  120€  Elektroshop  real heavy device 5kG?  8€ shipping costs.  incredible how they can do it! 
But not to hasty .. first test and measure before changing anything.
Had some exercise with a defective Satellite  converter  real interesting parts that normally would just be wasted.
What about a I2C controlled 2.6GHz synthesiser …