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Showing posts from November 2, 2017

Oktober 10m gaat helemaal los!

630M   page full decodes   best SNR this saison AA1A -13   and a 2nd USA call in the log
hope to get TX ready soon

VHF UHF tropo over normal wednesday
heard GB3MCB  1296.8593 IO70JO  some time max S3-4
Tested  JT9E fast 15s t/r      with  DL7QY JN59 G4DBN IO93 OZ2OE

WSJT-  v1.8.0-rc3    VHF UHF features checked to show JT9 sub modes ABCDEF..
and fast checked to select 15s t/r
for me first time to use it.  It should be more suited for the typical VHF/VHF multi-path signals.
it decoded good.
But also FT8 did decode good  the very multy path APS signal of OZ2OE  at my side not at OZ2OE

low bands  bit low  no more SS VK2DX at 80m copied last days
but  XE2YWB  DL82  in FT8 not easy very well copied here to -6  but had to QRO to get heard for ATN 60m
and AA7A DM52  West-Coast
2 days ago 0144 -20 0.8 2067 # CQ XE2OCM DL95 
 heard well but could not copy me