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Its over! ARRL10 contest. Saturday & Sunday final results

Sunday morning up for part 2  of the ARRL10  thought the band was pretty bad.. but receiving on the K9AY instead of the beam... oepss  I was not awake  a very weak UA9 was coming back
I wondered why he could copy me so well.. Then finally I saw the RX-ANT  switch was on..   sorry that's why I screwed it up with ZL1BYZ.
Band was as good as it can be in December. 
A lot of backscatter echoes.

About 11 local  Longpath  to Japan and China very strong over South America! Could work a few JA  9+ signals much stronger then morning direct path.  But not so many one would expect a pile?

Since the weather was nice we decided to take a walk. 
Good to have some fresh air and change the mind.
At the cost of some JA BA and possible KH??  ..

My final result Sunday evening at band close 18:00 local 19:00UT
CW only with PA and still hi SWR..

 worked 60 of  100 zones
Mexico this year is counting in the sections 32 to the total! of 100 W/VE sections  not easy to get them of course   I got 5 XE zones 
60 of…