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OZ7IT +3 in WSPR tropo 50.293MHz

Now I am the owner of the tiny Flex-1500 .

This is not only a small transceiver but also a spectrum-analyser.

I   have it running with WSPR   using 
VAC  Virtual audio-cable
©  Eugene V. Muzychenko

  and Virtual Serial Port  VSP Manager
© Steve Nance K5FR 
Only the  USB cable to the  PC   / Laptop is needed.
Audio and serial port are virtual connections by software.  

The 1500 has USB  no Fire-wire  this is a bit critical but with some tweaking in the configuration  I hope to get it stable over long time.

Same way it can be connected to N1MM which I did not do yet.

I was surprised  by its sensitivity at 50MHz.  A preamp gave no improvement on reception of the beacons.
The Signal level meter is the best I have ever seen. Weak signals stil have a clear level reading 0-10db over the noise band.
The Pan display shows all. I do have to read the manual there are many more options to find out.

I let it run WSPR    Good signals from OZ7IT  +3dB RX 
my signal -2  with 5W  ( I measure 6…