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digi rules

10m 15m 4el   back up   again

 after the aurora last night no T.A. decodes on  474.2kHz
 the evening before 80m and 160m fb propagation
     VK7DIK 80m wspr decoded

NextCall signWorkedDate/TimeBandModeFreqQSLDetailsPA0OCO3LT2017-11-08 00:43:4580MFT83.57344DetailsPA0ONA2NY2017-11-08 00:29:30160MFT81.84092UNITED STATES OF AMERICADetailsPA0OSQ6PLE2017-11-08 00:28:00160MFT81.84092DetailsPA0OWA3GGM2017-11-08 00:26:00160MFT81.84092DetailsPA0OK1CF2017-11-08 00:24:00160MFT81.84092UNITED STATES OF AMERICADetails