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Last weekend CQWWRTTY

CQ WW RTTY - 2014-09-27 0000Z to 2014-09-29 0000Z - 414 QSOs
PA0O - Off Times >= 30 Minutes

Total Time Off 31:19  (1879 mins)

Total Time On 16:41  (1001 mins)

... 25Q per hour only  

still it is better then calling 1 hour ZD9XF at 28.012 MHz with 0 QSO result

must be doing something wrong  these DXpeditions  need EME ERP to catch

Overall propagation  very much lower then the previous year.
I remember to have worked 40 zones in RTTY .
Hoping October and November might bring some good propagation.

Saturday morning 10m very quiet.
No surprise to me  being 24*7 QRV as WSPR propagation beacon  the 10m spots from VK3 became rare last months 
But 10M USA was open often in the afternoon/ evening.  
Sunday morning 10M sounded a lot better even a few JA's heard.  

 I spend quite some time to end with little over 400 QSO  running 100W

 poor bands but high activity
and some nice DX 
like KH7XX 20 and 15  
VK3TXD  40 20 15

zone 6 7 8 9  30 

JA's  on 40m   just the very big guns but eve…