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U3S on the road again

1 week in Jordan short vacation with thge U3S borrowed from PD0OHW

TimestampCallMHzSNRDriftGridPwrReporterRGridkmaz# Spots 2019-10-08 16:20  PA0O/M  28.126153  -25  0  KM70rh  0.1  FY5KE  GJ35  9557  274  15  2019-10-09 14:20  PA0O/M  28.126144  -21  0  KM70rh  0.1  EA8BFK  IL38bo  4742  281  6  2019-10-13 13:50  PA0O/M  28.126113  -3  0  JO33hg  0.1  PA0O  JO33hg  0  0  10

430 - 440 MHz invasion of robots and SOLAR EDGE QRM Machine

In the past years we tried to find one clear frequency in the 430 440 MHz range for a local standby frequency

Not a single FM channel can be found clear of junk
al kind of data pulses every where pop up
Or  repeater outputs in DMR data show up after a few days on a new  found clear channel
Simply the whole 10MHz is overpopulated !
now i listen 434.000  unidentified pulses
Why do  HAM's  have identify  obligation?

Maybe we should also use DMR encrypted and let the software fight it out...

Then the SOLAR EDGE SE6k  QRM Machine
Was installed 3 year ago at my neighbors 50m north of me
It makes my radio deaf for weak signals on all frequencies  specially at 2 4 6 10  12 meters with  a noise band 10 20 dB  and digi trash carriers from MW till UHF
Our Agentschap Telecom say once it it installed those systems do not have to comply to any rules?

 Last weekend good tropo with inversion duct over the North Sea  i heard 23cm  3 LA beacons with signals to s9 +20  Special effect very strong tr…


This season my 2m station was ready for ES with some more power.
Spectaculair ES openings but happening else where in EU to EA8 and even D41CV
In my QTH at sea level it was a poor ES and tropo season. 
Except end of June 2m tropo  to EA1 and
23cm heard EA2TM 1296855  SK1UHF ES0SHF  beacon´s

We suffered unusual 3 heath waves. Temperature went up to 40C in PA no serious rain in months.

Last week of August spent in EA6 Costa de la Calma JM19FM
It is very beautiful in EA6 but my timing was not brilliant we left  at the start of a 10 day heath wave, the third this year.
And missed the EA8 ES 28 August opening to  I guess only south PA... 
Warm also near Palma but Tuesday a morning heavy rainstorm  and elsewhere in Spain heavy flooding's reported while in normally cool Groningen the temperature was up to 31 again
But it went over without damage here and in afternoon back to 28-30C

Took the U3S with me and a Wilson mobile magnet base  10m antenna 50cm vertical only
placed on the balcony metal frame …

5/8 10m vertical and K3 with TR-2018 HD 144MHz

The impedance of a 5/8 wave vertical is given as (75 -425j) Ω
   needed is XL  +425j to balance out the capacitive -425
Rothammel  say  2.3uH for D/d=4000  the ratio of lenght and conductor diameter does have influence on the inductance the thinner the conductor the higher the inductance
The original coil in the base for 11m is  8 wdg 32mm = 2.8uH The CD 11m vertical matching uses a grounded coil with tap at 3 wdg to the center pin PL259.
This 0.64 wave has uses a series inductance to match not grounded
I could not find a match with a grounded tap that would protect against static discharges. 
The best matching found was a 3 wdg 50mm diameter coil of 2.5mm2
Way less then the calculated 2.3uH
according to this calculator only 0.3uH ...  more coil gave worse result....


interesting sources :…

Perseiden still a meteoroid shower?

Trying to find any sign of Perseid shower again this year
Until now 12 August just random reflections nothing above normal
1 or 2  DX reflections  / hour only

over the last days 
hrd R5WM KO72QI 1928km   few time's  1/2 QSO +17 / +17  but thunderstorm QRT
UR3EE KN88 2186km few times decoded
UA3AVY KO95  2100  1 CQ..
RX1AS  few times seen

few other with just 1 decode
over the night i left 144.360 monitoring almost no reflections seen

monitoring Graves 143.050  very few pings
sofar  no signs of Perseiden shower  just random reflections
high activity makes the illusion  like some shower is going on

maybe it has to come yet...

but only high power hams can make "QSO"  that take many endless repeating steps

most one time good strong reflection and then nothing heard i the next 30 minutes
no QSO complete here i was more listening and trying to get over 2000km
but did not succeed just too poor reflections here
 heard  2 long bursts over 7 seconds  of UR6EF and UT9UR


24 July 144MHz world record

24 July  a special ES day

A new world record was set:  144 MHz   D41CV  with DK5AI  4964km !!!
 the magic WW square JO50 where all DX signals seem to land

 144.174 FT8
EA8DBM was worked more south in PA   his signal stopped at JO22 JO32

absolute spectaculair DX
TF3HP  reported   EA8DBM    144174 MHz!!!!!!

This year 144 ES  in my QTH was  disappointing sofar
I had my home build 200W PA ready but hardly used.
DX spots seen on the cluster never landed here it was mostly south as usual
Just 1   144.300 ES  QSO  with IS0OZK    FT8 only EA1 SV1 heard
144.300 SV8PEX in QSO  max s4 German speaking relaxed talking then faded

My 144 best  tropo was  EA1MX  this time in FT8

1296MHz there we had good propagation but during working day's
best DX  1227km with Guy in USB and CW very close to EA border
20190629 09131296129.3 CW   PA0O         599  F2CT            559 Guy     in93gj   

In the same square heard  Spanisch beacon EA2TZ 1296.855 1280km heard weak 2 mornings
and ES0SHF 1296.908  1241…


ARRL Section : DX
        Club/Team : 19
         Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.7845.0

        Band   Mode  QSOs     Pts  Grd  Pt/Q
          50  CW      26      26   19   1.0
          50  USB     45      45   29   1.0
       Total  Both    71      71   48   1.0

EA8  was deze keer de ODX    niet de volledige tijd meegedaan not full time NL: PA5WT  PA2REH  PA4EL heard
had to miss the Sunday evening  ES to EA  I7/8 IS0(1) IT9  9H(1) ZB2(1) CT(3) EA8(2) CN8(1) SV OY LZ TA(2) 4X(2) Some FT8 contest activity  but the  CQWW VHF site does not mention the use of FT8 contest mode? And had a problem with FT8 contest mode the program crashed when logging i upgraded to the latest WSJT-x  V2.1.0 but same crash 
sorry PA2REH trying to log you failed
I used only CW / USB mode then.
this run-time error popup came when pressing the log button, never had this before after upgrading from V2.01 to the latest V2.1.0  i lost the CAT connection
the radio type  was set to the first entry of the list : A…

18 July 6M short opening JA

short peak  DS2JVV  seen before in good AS openings  but this time 2x FT8
This year 6m July 6  in FT8 more than ever Korean hams seen
190706_064545    50.313 Rx FT8     -9  0.2 1478 SM7CAD DS3EXX 73
190706_064745    50.313 Rx FT8    -10  0.2 1040 LY1G HL2ADY PM37
190706_064800    50.313 Rx FT8    -11  0.1 1310 YO8RHI HL2NF PM37
 190706_064900    50.313 Tx FT8      0  0.0  505 HL2NF PA0O -11                     
190706_064915    50.313 Rx FT8    -14  0.2 1313 YO8RHI HL2NF PM37
190706_064930    50.313 Rx FT8     -9  0.2 1478 LY2IJ DS3EXX PM36
190706_065130    50.313 Rx FT8     -7  0.2 2040 OZ6OM DS2JJV -19
190706_071030    50.313 Rx FT8     -4 -0.8 2718 OZ1DJJ HL3GOB RR73
190706_071100    50.313 Tx FT8      0  0.0  639 CQ DX PA0O JO33                   
190706_071115    50.313 Rx FT8     -3 -0.8 2718 OZ2PBS HL3GOB R-14
190706_071330    50.313 Rx FT8    -20  0.3 2715 OZ1DJJ HL4CJG PM35
190706_071345    50.313 Rx FT8    -15  0.3 2716 OZ1DJJ HL4CJG PM35
190706_071430    50.313 Tx FT8   …