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Qualcomm Goby 2000 it comes and goes nobody knows

Another UFO found! . Unidentified Frustrating Object.

This modem in my W510 Lenovo Laptop   has an GPS receiver
But sometimes its missing without a trace!

 post like the following  are found when googling for this...
No help comes from Lenovo
Qualcomm Gobi 2000 disappeared from device manager (Windows 7 64-bit; T410s; 2904) Options
09-09-201105:49 AM hi..
the device just disappeared ...
so i installed the new driver wich shall fix that problem : 7xwc48ww

Qualcomm Gobi 2000 Wireless WAN Driver for Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), Vista (32-bit, 64-bit) and XP - ThinkPad
<1.1.170/> (7XWC45WW) - (Fix) Fixed an issue where the Qualcomm Gobi 2000 HS-USB Modem 9205 device might disappear in the Device Manager. but it does not help ... device is still gone ...

can anybody help ?    Shure thing Lenovo can not since this problem is not new.
I am not relying on this Modem for UMTS/GPRS LAN like some…