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Showing posts from March 3, 2017

474.2 kHz // U3S project

Sat to Sun. night  zero 474kHz TA decodes...   the end...
Friday to Sat  just 5 decodes

Thursday  to Friday  another poor propagation night hope that propagation will pick up soon.

The Beverages could stay another week the land is too wet

No more goodies fttb.
also  LA2XPA seems to have lost propagation no more exotic West USA spots.
  propagation shifted to south below  dream DX spot
2017-03-03 05:18  WH2XXP  0.475662  -26  0  DM33  50  DJ0ABR  JN68nt  9427  32
here WD2XSH/17   19 decodes  no better then -18  no exceptions from FN square

Wednesday -  Friday night:
29 decodes of WD2XSH/17 last night   strongest -7
 no other TA
Propagation faded here  by Aurora
Aurora enhanced propagation  like on 160 and 80m  can happen
is not seen on 630m yet  

U3S  continued The output of the U3S   at 12 10 and 6 could not be improved with an extra parallel BS170
the 50MHz  dropped to 60mW
Adjusting the bias gained some more output
The BS170 is now allmost class a  84mA bias  100mA  with  max RF