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4m 9H1XT new one

My first DX result with the new 5 ele 4M Yagi..
new one in MS FSK441  9H1XT jm75gv

QRB  2028 km  a bit far for MS one of the best m.s. distance worked.
but right in the first minutes received 2 very strong bursts almost too strong to be true
holding several times both callsigns
But after that some long weak reflections received only in over 30 minutes
and not good decoding  fractions only with R26  but hmm not 100% sure
sometimes the random noise displayed likes to favor plausible data like 73 R26 etc..
 but then after many empty periods  a clear R26 + call was decoded
 and finally a new one in the log
Thanks John     I think in the ES season if we have one.. 9H1 will be regular workable
I remember long time ago that the first 144MHz  9H was worked in the 70's that
was sensational dx then.
There are more 9H active at 4m

20150425 0608  70220,0 USB  PA0O          26  9H1XT            26 John    fsk441 JM75gv

en Chris met goed signaal
20150425 0526  70193,0 USB  PA0O          59  L…