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PACC 2020

PACC2 2020
I choose to run in the high power CW single section this time.
With moral support and company of Willem PD0OHW (photos) to experience the contest live..

But Tropical storm CIARA was expected to land about halfway the 24 hours in the early Sunday morning
So we had to decide to take the high 25m pole down at 05 hour before the high winds and rain would reach us.
That meaned  40m dipole 80 and 160m out...
And the Steppir at lowest position.

Saturday before contest start 15m was open     FT8 :   YB EU VK
I started  CW at 15m  but long CQ with no reply and no CW signals heard  i had to go down to 20m.
Not to speak of 10m  always start at the at the highest bandthat what the the hams  said before the age of FT8 and RBN  clusters internet. When one only could find out by listening the bands..

the week before there where some ES openings  but now CIARA depression seems blow away all
Tuesday and  Monday propagation was recovered at 15  with many EU and PY at 10m...
That is how it …