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Recordings low band

Not much going on  made some recordings with recall
very weak 

VK4PN  579 80W Zepp 3519kHz  strong
VK4PN 80m

 new band
4S7NE UA0CW 80m

new one

JH2FXK 160m Friday much weaker

Thursday  160 nice open to JA

but typical 160m very deep and fast QSB

20121129 2112   1810.4 CW   PA0O         569  JH2FXK          599               
20121129 2119   1813.3 CW   PA0O         559  JH2RMU          559 Aki               
20121129 2131   1813.3 CW   PA0O         549  JH3GCN          559 Koh               
20121129 2136   1813.3 CW   PA0O         549  JA3BCT          579                   
20121129 2137   1813.3 CW   PA0O         559  JR3OEH          599                   
20121129 2138   1813.3 CW   PA0O         559  JA3CJO          579                   
20121129 2141   1813.3 CW   PA0O         559  JA3PIS          559                   
20121129 2143   1813.3 CW   PA0O         569  YO5TO           579                   
20121129 2145   1813.3 CW   PA0O …

CQWWCW a weekend at the radio ...

The big CQWW   already >5300 logs  received by organisation

Hunting  zones and multipliers   worked 39.
The missing one  34 not seen  very few Africans active.
The difficult zones 39 19 
This time I choosefor SO high power
Dipole and verticals and receive loop K9AY.
Low bands  very poor the evening before the CQWWCW ( and the weeks before not better)10M had been very good last days until Friday
500mW to ZL3PX  -16dB   3 days in a row ZL's decoded  then
CME  and propagation dropped.

Saturday early found 10m almost closed  very weak VK6DU  no change to work him 

Ja ik heb het wel een beetje bont gemaakt dit weekeinde in de CQWWCWweer veel tijd voor de radio alle klussen weer uitgesteld..

Kon gelijk eens goed testen of N1MM met de US232 contestproof is  en de US232 is idd beter dan de Prolific chip types  geen problemen meer gehad.

Het was een zware belasting voor de logging PC   een enorm aantal clusterspots met alle reverse beacons een enorm aantal spots.
De bandmap zat tjokvol paste niet…

QTX 475 kHz

had to modify the total capacity  of C2+C3 to 10+6.8+6.8 nF
and the output C4 6n8 + 6n8  to archive maximum output.
But at 25V still could not produce 100W out
I did change R4 to 1k  because of latching problems I had earlier that cost me a few IRF's 
Drive level increase  does not change the output in this class D  type switching mode.
The Flex1500 XVTR/C port  0dBm at level 30% is sufficient.
Also the K3 XVTR out level was perfect to drive the QTX. 
Class D is perfect for CW WSPR modes.

The Drain pulse form seems correct.
Optimising L3 for maximum output did not bring  more output. Po drops as soon as a ferrite bar is approaching L3.
I would expect that L3 could be increased when dropping the frequency from 500 to 475 kHz

After re-arranging  C2 C3 C4
The output increased to 75V/50Ohm 112.5W 50Ohm dummy Bird 8251

C2+C3  is now 10n+ 6n8+ 4n7
The C4 original was 6n8  now increased to 9.9n

At  DC input power I=5.23A at 23.5V =122.2W  n=92%

There is  a bit more heat developing i…

PT0S 160M V84SMD

160 easy just few calls on this band
The other bands is a different story  in addition to the fact that  it is an easy path from EU.
The problem is the crazy pileups and wide uplinks.
To get the 599tu you have to stand in line  and undergo the "EU treatment"   of anti HAM spirit.
Finding the actual QSX frequency is not easy when every one just keeps calling no matter if the DX is allready in QSO or calling specific someone. In other words  no intelligence can be found in the pile most of the time.

If they just would join the LZDX  a "QSO" would be a matter of minutes?
So I did not really try to get trough the barricades.

20121115 2334   1825.4 CW   PA0O         599  PT0S            599                    
20121116 1759   7001.0 CW   PA0O         599  V84SMD          599                    
20121116 1913   1826.0 CW   PA0O         599  V84SMD          599                    
20121116 1921   1826.0 CW   PA0O         599  V84…

US232 FTDI USB -serial trouble clear ini file settings helped

In the end it was simply an error in the  N1MMlogger.ini
But before I came to that I walked some byways..

My new FTDI  US232  USB to serial failed to work with my Radio / N1MM logger Notebook.

Using COM2  with this US232  ( 12345.. all tried as well)
It will not send CW using DTR =CW  asused to with the
HQ USB-rs232  Prolific chip type.
Since N1MM wasgenerating more and more time out  / overflow errors/ popups with the CAT connection I decided to change to the FTDI type  as this was advised by the N1MM community.
The US232 was installed quick no driver disk was needed and the CAT  connection with N1MM worked instantly.
But to my surprise I could not send CW
Pressing F1 =CQ  RTS  asserts  high, TX is on but DTR stays low. RTS would not return low until ESC was pressed. 

Changing to  TR4W logger using the same USB-serial com2  all is okay!

DTR keys CW , RTS switches T/R  normally.

When I plug this US232 in my other Laptop  it takes COM2  also there it works normal.

DTR is keying CW   RTS is T/R s…


Wintertime is no advantage for greyline DX-in W-EU
Times are not favourable when having  a full-time job
There is some light on the horizon for low-band propagation since again tonite  VK7DIK was decoded  at  80m greyline peak.
After last solar flare and aurora  10m is almost complete closed here and in W-EU  no VK decodes seen since.

VK7DIK 80M back in

Have been busy  this afternoon went shopping got a FTDI US232  USB-RS232 (39€)
interface hopefully to solve the communication problem with N1MM.
It did run immediate the driver was found in the system already.
But... DTR/CW is not driven on my Notebook on my other Laptop it works normal
Latest FTDI driver. DTR is only short active at init of the port. Seems a software problem.

So still not a solution hardware and software is resisting to cooperate . 

Same time purchased some extra high grade capacitors  WIMA FKP1 to tune the QTX 501kHz  down to 474.2kHz  I was testing my M.W. QTX again at 474.2 kHz.  our new M.W. allocation in 2013.
Before even thinking of building a bigger MW PA  I should at least be capable to get this small PA working stable.
Now at reduced power  20V  5A limited  to keep the IRF540 save.
Also used the IRL540  designed for logic level that one worked in the 500kHz version 2010 okay but could not get this one to work at 474kHz for unknown reason.
Meantime it beca…

499.5 kHz QTX

again a page full continuous decodes of WE6XGR  Sunday morning.
only 1 time decoded   partly  WE2XGR/2  in FN31LS
weak signals  -17dB  as best only

 Overall propagation weak.  In the WAERTTY  low activity

0148 -25  1.8   0.499500  0 WE6XGR FN12 50
0154 -27  2.4   0.499450  0 <...> FN31LS 47
0204 -25  1.8   0.499500  0 WE6XGR FN12 50

testing my QTX  500kHz  I have used that one before at 502.4 kHz in 2010
The first power on the 6.3A fuse was blown.
Already lost 2 IRF540 while testing the output on a dummy load
trying to tune down to 475 kHz  gave high currents and lost the IRF540
at 500 it seems  to work okay.
If  I can believe my power meter the output is well over 100W
at 6A 24V input  never had that much output from this simple but genius design.
But the IRF540 can not handle this level and breaks down after 10seconds   good that I have got some spares but it puzzles me how could I have used this in 2010 for WSPR  without failure so long
WSPR  having 2min. TX  periods.
It is …

WE6XGR =W2ZM 499.500kHz receiving last night

W2ZM announced to be on air again last night
The Flex1500 +  K9AY loop rx antenna tuned to USB dial 498kHz
After having all settings VAC and VsP done I did not see a trace yet
left WSPR in receive and went to bed.
Above expectation next day a saw a screen filled with decodes
  100% TX duty cycle it started way after midnight here

strongest was -13  0454UTC  

first decode 01:48

 2012-11-06 01:48  WE6XGR  0.499500  -28  0  FN12  10  PA0O  JO33hg  5988  47
0446 -17 -0.1   0.499500  0 WE6XGR FN12 40
0448 -18  0.0   0.499500  0 WE6XGR FN12 40
0450 -15 -0.2   0.499500  0 WE6XGR FN12 40
0452 -15  0.0   0.499500  0 WE6XGR FN12 40
0454 -13  0.0   0.499500  0 WE6XGR FN12 40
0456 -16  0.0   0.499500  0 WE6XGR FN12 40
0458 -24 -0.2   0.499500  0 WE6XGR FN12 40
last decode 04:48UTC
total 80 decodes

This evening on the  630m MW band   USB Dial set to  474.2 kHz

1626 -21  3.2   0.475737  0 DL3ZID JO53 27
1628 -27  1.2   0.475780  0 DG3LV JO53 43
1630 -11  2.7   0.475641  0 DK7FC JN49 30
1632 -2…

TR4W in the UKRAINIANDX contest

In order to find some solution to the logging problems
I plugged a faster i7  W7 Laptop to thewireless keyboard and the 22" TFT above my radio operating position.
17 CW QSO's in the Ukrainian contest went fine.
N1MM was fast respondingno delays  in T/R confirm messages.
While just having enteredW9EWZ. QSO nr. 18 The frequency display/band ruler went crazy again and whiped out W9EWZ from the input field..

the msgbox  stops the polling  click on retry starts it again.
Why not just continue polling and showing an Offline sign without the need of manual resetting ?


This time even the reset interface did not recover the CAT connection
I am having a rs232 break out monitor to watch the data over the CAT connection  still the K3 was sending data strings to the PC  in responseto the N1MM polling  the K3 does not send data without being asked for by a command.
But the data to N1MM seems  to be  scrambled  since  very odd frequencies are displayed like on the picture above.

Breakout monito…