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High power single operator
Spend a lot of time and work for just 95 QSO's
No more then 4 hours of sleep ..
A good test to see if I still could survive that
Saturday afternoon  I set up a Beverage   to west    300m
Setting up the Beverage left me with muscle strain lasting until today after jumping over a ditch.  But a good experience at least now I have a good working
Beverage to West.
 fb quiet reception clear W signals on the Beverage disappeared when RX on the TX antenna
 I tried to record collection of the stronger signals
  VY2ZM  589 on the Beverage..K3ZM  579 aswel  and some other major signals
But the recording failed
Audio handeling never has been as difficult as in W7
The internal mike can not be disabled
the mixer control is fuzzy

Early evening  20UTC Saturday already a few W's came in very promising.
But propagation broke down later I had 50 QSO  aded 47 only
could not reach 100Q  a few W without EU rx antenna heard calling CQ but could not hear EU callers
Like I …