W7 USB-serial N1MM

Today Friday 13 ...I went to PC shops hoping to find  an FTDI  based USB -serial.
It was again a beautiful summer day I was on my racing bike in Groningen where we have a number of  PC / Electronic shops  like Saturn Mediamarkt and more. I could only get a Sweex USB-serial but that one is using also Prolific chips and drivers I saw to late when i was home again no use to try that one it has  the same drivers.  There was a big crowd around the canal harbour  where the brand new  special "Eco"Sailing ship ECOLUTION  was lauched.  A project of  Prof Wubbo Ockels . Our own Groninger Space Shuttle astronaut (1985 Oktober)  brain of many innovative projects.

Okay back to my subject..

This morning I tested real on  50MHz  after 2 logging's  suddenly the frequency ruler jumped into red and the input field was cleared again while I was trying to log a DL QSO ....    very sorry  but  the problem still exists ... So back to old  W2000 PC then... pity.

FTDI  chips/drivers do not seem to have this problem
I have to get an UC232 10r or other comparable type.

but FTDI recalls another issue for me.... 
WINKEY WK2-USB uses a FT232 chip   but had a bad 20m QRM burst issue with WINKEY once...
Every time N1MM starts communication with WINKEY-USB  a 5seconds lasting S9! noise burst is generated. Could bring this noise down to S1 with extra grounding of the USB cable direct to the K3 ground terminal.
I have not used WINKEY since also because of  the disappointing performance.  I use the K3 excellent internal Keyer.  Maybe problems are solved in the mean time but i doubt nobody seems to complain about it although that noise is a real reproducible problem. I made a video clip about it..


interesting site

Maybe the problem is solved  with the latest driver for Prolific USB-serial 
this version  is  dated 15-7-2010 only 1 week old   I am testing it now  and  so far it seems to be stable.
On Yahoo -N1MM   Tom was reporting that this Prolific chip/driver has a communication err 8020 issue with  MScom32.ocx  That fits to the error behaviour  I experienced like communication was buffered delayed and mixed up. Although I did not got the 8020 run time error here


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