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IARU 50MHz 17 18 June

Saturday morning new constructed 7ele 9m3 boom V-dipole radiator was placed in the mast at 22m a.g.   Replacing the HF + 5e combi

After frustrating experience with JT5DX
14 June 16UTC CW 519 1 hour copied cqcqcq
called 100+ times no response
Time for another attempt to improve the 6m set-up

Band was closed Saturday morning  even quiet at the JT65 276 !
It looked like it's gone be a contest type propagation weekend but....
In afternoon right from start huge activity strong ES signals  all Saturday.
Mostly EU  but also  PJ4NX  and PJ7/W9DR

Saturday even small pile ups   SP OK UA I S5 9A
very short skips  IO80  600km   EI SP OK
We where again in the middle of the reflection cloud
203 QSO first day   added only 70 on Sunday
Sonday Es signals still strong but hard to find new ones.
We just do not have a lot of customers at ES distance from  our QTH
East EU could tank G's and DL
The E skip from G land lands in more ham / contest populated area's it seems
Relative high QSO num…