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3D2AG FIJI XE1H 60m good propagation

Early morning  5.35700 MHz  JT65 long path 3D2AG  heard CQ!
3D2AGFiji Antoine is very active at 60m and consequent present for EU at gray line peak local  07- 08h
A few mornings no copy here, but this morning propagation was real good for a change
and  decoded -18 3D2GA CQ several times.
Yesterday 1 decode for a start , my antenna the inverted V dipole  top @ 20m  was not as good as thought.
Tuesday we had  26C   "tropical" day and night  possible the last real warm day this year
now 7 am  the  expected rain arrived  no t-storms  and we need water
 but not as much as Texas has please..
JT65 is the best mode the signal of 3D2AG would be too weak in FT8 i think

also JT65 QSO with XE1H  copied  for first time

Like WSPR -map , shows path and calculates DX over daylight zone. According to realtime DX maps I never have long path propagation  I have seen 10m long path drawn over the night side of the globe  and  160m dx over the day side consequ…