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Stranded  on 20 QSO
That means no point for the Veron competition..
Not easy to collect more then 25 VK/ZL Oceania
VK ZL hams  general don't look very contest minded.
Besides a few club stations like ZM4T  ZM1G VK4NM VK7ZX
 Since there are only a few on the bands the pileups are big.
They take it easy VI2VIP f.i.  took a break in the middle of a pile 
 and did not return again.
Calling in competition with South-east EU is useless

Some signals very loud  like VK7ZX on 7.172 almost a full S9

Sunday I woke up early but found no WSPR VK decodes like Saturday 28 and 21 closed for ZL/VK

This contest is ending Sunday 08 UTC  that is not a good time to end it is the best time for EU - VK for the high bands.

Heard TT8TT very well and long time on 80m  but I gave up after  long  calling they seem to have high QRN  and mainly working East and  South-east  EU  
On 160m TT8TT  weak but Q5  could also not get in the log 
SE-EU and Italy   is ruling the waves  TT8TT is worked on 50MHz  with indoor antennas …