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Looking for a digital storage oscilloscope
Saw the HANTEK DSO05102P at Banggood  with good review
100MHz  or as some review said factory unlocked 2nS 
212€ free shipping !
it arrived in about one week from China very quick.

Some reviews showed a damaged package  missing parts
It is always a bit of a gamble how it will arrive.
My package was bounced but wrapped in plastic no lost parts.
No import fee this time also a bit of a gamble.
Power on, display came up it seemed okay .
But the 1kHz 5V test signal  did not display for both channels
Just a straight line with quantification noise and some spikes when turning the V/dev knobs
Had email exchange after a few days problem solved.
A loose ribbon connection due to transport ? the pre-amp had no 5V supply.
Sending back is no option and there is no EU agent as far as I know
Hantek treated me generous with a refund to compensate repair costs.
But repairing equipment in The Netherlands/EU the official way,
can easily exceed the purchase pri…