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Showing posts from May 27, 2015

what happened to M(a)y Es?

We had few days with total radio blackout  only earth path decodes on 10m
But now 10m recovered a bit  with VK2KRR decodes

 weather turned back to early spring gray sky cold

some spotty ES   5Z0L  was worked today in JO33 but not by me ..
I was not at the radio at the best time when  reported iby 4X1RF  I had WSPR running
Later in evening good ES at 70MHz several CT EA7 strong   EA8 and ZB2 was reported but not heard at 4M
At 50Mhz strong EA IT9 LZ    D4C/B  at 50.034 heard 4X4SIX/B 50080
then 50.104 heard 5Z0L  cqcq strong up 1  easy worked..  but never heard such strong East Africa
a slim?  5Z0L home frequency is 50.102 up 1
Ironic to work a slim I can't work real dx it seems.
5Z0L_6.mp3 slim easy to work!
Changed  the HF/4ele 6m to HF + 5 ele 6m
2 new directors 12 and 10mm tapered elements
from left over 4/6 yagi experiments
I did not solder the 10/12mm Aluminium  but instead forced  the pieces 2-3cm in each other to make a good joint. Applying some WD40 first and heating the …