All Asia * RUS RTTY * FD

The problems I had with N1MM  and the Prolific USB-serial on my W7  Laptop suddenly seem to have cured themselves ???
I did try again N1MM on the Lenovo W7 Laptop  + USB-serial Prolific to see how long it would run without problems this time.
But strange  all was working normal  200 RTTY QSO's in the RUSIAN Radio RTTY  went okay.
And  Al Asian and  Field day  no problems.
I did not change anything in the meantime  but it worked okay! before it would always start to loose the connection with the K3 with wild  frequencies on the logging screen.

Only I had a few times when switching from 1 log to another  in N1MM  an error pop-up message about not finding the database and switching to the ham.mdb came.
Then it crashed all screens disappear like if N1MM was closed. But you can not restart N1MM because a message comes:  "N1MM is already running"  No visible instances on the taskbar however. Only the task-manager shows that N1MM is still in memory.  After manual killing CWIF and N1MM  logger  a restart is possible the database was found again healthy no data lost...

I could make my Trust headset RFI free by placing a 22nF C over the electret element.
I had tried with ferrite clamps with poor result, sometimes  okay but sometimes feedback rumble.
Now I wanted to work AA-dx SSB on 15m with the K3 100W but that was not possible to much feedback
I tried an other PC headset  same RFI problem.  An  old hand microphone was clean. So the problem was located in the Headset itself.  Then the simple 22nF did the job. The ferrite clamps could be removed they have a marginal effect if you can not wind at least 4 or 5 times over the core.

Also I am using a logitech MK250 wireless keyboard/mouse  that one is ham proven. So far no problems with wild running mouse cursors or  R-K pop up menu's everywhere on the screen when TX-ing...

Now I must not forget to move all screens back to the Laptop screen before disconnecting the 2nd Monitor because then the program screens will be lost in cyberspace....
An annoying Video/windows  problem when using 2 screens.