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WINDOWS10 mobile one week use

My HTC one has a broken camera.
Lower light pictures are all blurred with a purple hase.
A known HTC-one issue.
After some app fried your device the camera module dies.
And your HTC is ready for recycling already.

Could get a Lumia 640 LTE  Windows 8 mobile
After Android  a chance to see how  Windows mobile performs.

1 Finally Camera is good    sound is good 5" display
2 no pocket calls yet.  no "malware thermal meltdown" yet  the Lumia stays cool all the time until now
3 Holding and typing is easier compared to the very nervous HTC screen.
4 The W10 screen big icons layout look organised to me.
   But still not found to easy delete unused apps or Icons
  press and hold does not show options.  I can move the icons that's it.
5  Apps
  Just a few  W10m apps available against the huge Android app resourses.
  The app  "Here" a good Windows8 vers…