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FT225RD, FT902 repair

Old rigs of s.k. Eltje PA3CEE  here for check and repair
The rig's looked like they have been working in a brown cafe for years
He was a real smoker ...

The  100pf 1000V mica capacitor was shorted and caused the 6146 damage one tube glas was busted
I replaced both tubes ... warning be very careful not to touch the anode part  almost 1000V stays long time loaded in the HV high capacity capacitors, no bleeder R it seems.
Before doing any work make sure the anode C is unloaded I used  a 10k resistor against ground with an isolated gripper and grounded wire!

----------------- the other rig 144 - 146 MHz all mode --------------------------------

The original  front end was replaced by a Mutek front as that was often done 30 year ago.
However my  FT221R  the preceding   have the original front-end ,i can't find this one less performing.  And the FT221 can handle the extreme strong local contest station PA1T . That is about the strongest signal on the band.
It is not like in the glo…