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US232 FTDI USB -serial trouble clear ini file settings helped

In the end it was simply an error in the  N1MMlogger.ini
But before I came to that I walked some byways..

My new FTDI  US232  USB to serial failed to work with my Radio / N1MM logger Notebook.

Using COM2  with this US232  ( 12345.. all tried as well)
It will not send CW using DTR =CW  asused to with the
HQ USB-rs232  Prolific chip type.
Since N1MM wasgenerating more and more time out  / overflow errors/ popups with the CAT connection I decided to change to the FTDI type  as this was advised by the N1MM community.
The US232 was installed quick no driver disk was needed and the CAT  connection with N1MM worked instantly.
But to my surprise I could not send CW
Pressing F1 =CQ  RTS  asserts  high, TX is on but DTR stays low. RTS would not return low until ESC was pressed. 

Changing to  TR4W logger using the same USB-serial com2  all is okay!

DTR keys CW , RTS switches T/R  normally.

When I plug this US232 in my other Laptop  it takes COM2  also there it works normal.

DTR is keying CW   RTS is T/R s…


Wintertime is no advantage for greyline DX-in W-EU
Times are not favourable when having  a full-time job
There is some light on the horizon for low-band propagation since again tonite  VK7DIK was decoded  at  80m greyline peak.
After last solar flare and aurora  10m is almost complete closed here and in W-EU  no VK decodes seen since.