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K3 144XVTR 60m wspr

Building this 144MHz XVTR  into the K3 project kept me in the warm shack.
Since the nice summer type weather ended here last Friday the sky turned grey and we
are back to cool windy rainy weather.
Same time ES dx Disappeared
I now strong believe the ES clouds are fed with sunny sommer weather gasses that rise up into the ionosphere...
Some time ago i bought the "Ukrainian"   XVTR 144MHz
 And now it works,  had  first contact's at 144.174  in FT8 !
I seached some victim for the first 144MHz contact,  the whole 144- 146 empty
but still life ? or should i say robots active... on FT8 144.174

Meanwhile weather has changed again in to summer  and so  the propagation.
Since the K3 144 transverter is running I had remarkable good results with it and the home brew 7ele + 5 ele 4M duoband
Lots of 2m DX  heard and worked with 10W since then
EI3KD 1050km   GI GD G7RAU -IO79 905km  OZ SM LA GM3FVM almost daily!
SM6 7  SP OK F HB9 heard DL  in JN68 2x  OY6BEC heard 144  70Mhz and 129…