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2016 IARU HF World Championship Contest

IARU HF Championship 2016
high activity   3117 log's received   71 from PA

With SFI fixed at bottom line 95 propagation 10m was poor as expected.
Last week  wspr best 160m dx 630km
Surprised to hear anything at 28MHz.

few  USA 21MHz  no USA 28MHz that's is the present state of the HF propagation

But this can happen in a contest!
Called  by   5H3EE  TANZANIA  80m 3519kHz

RI1ANT n 80m CW in the contest ITU 69 good signal
but constant callers made a simple contest QSO  impossible
I do apologize  if I did call at the wrong time?
there was a HQ station and an other one constant calling
making a mesh and RI1ANT went QRT several times

2016 IARU HF World Championship Contest
             Callsign: PA0O
                       Single Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High Power

        Reported QSOs: 928
         Ignored QSOs: 2
       Confirmation #: 4334029.iaru-hf

Tanzania   5H3EE