KH2/N2NL 160m


Nice propagation also to JA   in a storm noisy shack.
Glad I had the 7ele beam windcatcher removed yesterday night..
And the first time this season  decoded VK7DIK at 80m
 2011-12-07 18:40  VK7DIK  3.594044  -16  0  QE28sf  5  PA0O  JO33hg  16731  307 
 2011-12-07 18:44  PA0O  3.594151  -15  0  JO33hg  5  VK7DIK  QE28sf  16731  84 

KH2/N2NL recorded  by Lutz,DM2LB

Danke dir Lutz    das war das 2e QSO mit Dave dieses Jahr..( da waren kein andere anruffe an dem Moment)