6M found open to Balkan and later SA

First easy to work  
20110701 2005  50086,6 CW   PA0O         559  PJ2BVU          559                    
20110701 2011  50097,0 CW   PA0O         599  PJ2/DJ9ON       599                    

2 hours later
20110701 2253  50100,0 CW   PA0O         599  PV8ADI          599         fj92       
20110701 2300  50110,0 USB  PA0O          59  PV8ABC           59 Washington  fj92       

Good signals from Brazil  long after midnight!
Only FJ92 heard   2 QSO
Later also in RTTY  PV8ABC 50.140
Hard to work  big piles  but still cq  they could  not hear much
in RTTY  full power no response.
audio recording


aartw said…
Around 22.oo the PV-signals were fading and went to bed. Apperently signals came up again :-((

congrats nice new ones.
pe2jmr said…
hallo jaap

hoorde donderdag avond ook al de pv8abc in rtty op.80

goed tip van je hoe je de mp3 file hier plaatst..
zat er ook me hoe te plaatsen..

ging even mis gistern kan je niet dedoderen in cw de ontvanger gaat aantal seconden dicht ,,bij boven de s9 +60 hi,,,
eigenscahp ft950 dsp..
zitten te dicht bij elkaar,,hi..

73 jan pe2jm