The KST chatbox effect . Wishfull calling.

Listening at 50.090  4S7AB  was worked in 9H SV  
Never heard a ping of him.
Only heard Jose EA7KW exchange 519  and few others in the deep south of EU positioned more Africa then EU in fact.

But some PA om's seemed to hear him well ;-) 
Every once and a while like timer controlled I heard  calls 
I doubt they ever heard the 4S7
Many weak scatter signals heard calling
but not the om himself.

Must be the KST  effect  .  Just give your call  and when hearing something like a report its a bingo!

A91GE  cw  a real signal  and  A45XR in RTTY S9

No trace of  BA4SI or XV1X  shure  it's weekend ;-)