Perseiden still a meteoroid shower?

Trying to find any sign of Perseid shower again this year
   Until now 12 August just random reflections nothing above normal
1 or 2  DX reflections  / hour only

over the last days 
hrd R5WM KO72QI 1928km   few time's  1/2 QSO +17 / +17  but thunderstorm QRT
UR3EE KN88 2186km few times decoded
UA3AVY KO95  2100  1 CQ..
RX1AS  few times seen

few other with just 1 decode
over the night i left 144.360 monitoring almost no reflections seen

monitoring Graves 143.050  very few pings
sofar  no signs of Perseiden shower  just random reflections
high activity makes the illusion  like some shower is going on

maybe it has to come yet...

but only high power hams can make "QSO"  that take many endless repeating steps

most one time good strong reflection and then nothing heard i the next 30 minutes
no QSO complete here i was more listening and trying to get over 2000km
but did not succeed just too poor reflections here
 heard  2 long bursts over 7 seconds  of UR6EF and UT9UR

everyone uses 30 sec rx/tx sequence  and  we in W-EU send the 2nd 30 sec period
MSK144 sends about 250 characters / second
 CQ is send like @CQ PA0O JO33  13 characters
Every 24 character  interval a 6 character sync sequence is inserted
so 6/24 x 250 =200 is left for the message this is 200/13 = about 15
15 x CQ is send per second  so about 67mS takes 1 complete cq message if i am correct

MSK144   new for me is the CQ with QSY freq  like below
clicking on a decoded line  with CQ 368 like below your rig will qsy to the given offset 144.368
but i am wondering does RA3EME go QSY after his cq? or is it split freq?

i did click on the CQ xxx messages never to hear anything more..
if every one is using 144.360 this can give some qrm but with the poor reflections i have not seen any
bust interfering.
And like ES the reflections are spotty so reflections do not interfere much
guess with a serious shower this will help avoiding QRM...
It seems to me the Perseid shower is not showing as many as it did in the past long time ago
or is it my relative simple setup   7 ele 200W
I could not see a peak in this shower by leaving the set on 144360 24hours 3 days

204132 QSY 144.368
204100 4 10.6 1399  CQ 368 RA3EME KO72 EU Russia

224104 QSY 144.330
224000 1 6.5 1424  CQ 330 RK3AF  EU Russia

120708 QSY 144.391
120300 7 11.3 1444  CQ 391 LZ0C  CQ Zone 20

124900 8 0.7 1445  PA0O UA3PTW +08
212100 -1 1.7 1490  CQ RJ3DC KO95  2100km


PE4BAS, Bas said…
Hallo Jaap, heb er geen ervaring mee. Maar heb toch al heel wat QSO's gemaakt op 6m MS. Of het random reflecties zijn weet ik niet? Soms is wel duidelijk dat het ES is. Maar als ik toch in 1 doorgang 2 of 3 pings heb dan lijkt me dat toch van meteoren te komen. 73, Bas