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Found back my old  PYE PF2 UB    pocket  70cm portofoon  produced 1970 --75
Once used in our local DX  warning net  432.775  433.525 back in the  previous millennium  80 ties

Still worked after all the years.  Portofone  is huge compared with modern sets
0.5W - 0.8W  out

There is a PYE museum web-page
Interesting to look at the well  designed Technics inside
It comes from Cambridge so it is good beyond doubt ...

Extreme power / battery efficient   RX/standby  pulsing 1-2mA  duty cycle 10%  at 13.6V
The TX takes only 160mA  at  500mW out  at this point it can beat  modern devices.
The Battery voltage is 15V   it can safely work on  motor bike or car power  voltage  13.6V  and plus
Featuring an economizer circuit  that is a pulsing  supply for RX   duty cycle 10%
to check for incoming signals. Once a signal is detected the RX will turn100% on
I know the old Icom IC2E 144 FM device  being also very power efficient   but this porto beats them all.
The RX is  deaf . The UHF version has double helical filter at the input.
Using a  state of the art SPF5189z or similar this can be improved a lot but i keep it like it is
it is made for short distance communication .

I have 2 channels occupied
each channel need separate rx and a tx x-tal's   so  a repeater shift is possible
But who uses crystals nowadays   
X-tals are made by Klove  marked TX 432775 PF2    RX 432775 PF2
I forgot when and where i got this PYE and how i got the X-tals  it must have been a project
at the time  these  PYE sets became obsolete and sold to HAMS

There is no SMD  but more compact vertical positioned PCB´s .
Soldered not plugged in.
My PF2 porto had a problem with oscillating 2nd   IF/ amplifier
120 pF  over R6 3k9   2nd IF cured the annoying squelch  tripping

crystals  for TX and RX Klove


PE4BAS, Bas said…
Roger G3XBM was in het design team van Pye in de jaren 70. Waarschijnlijk kent hij deze porto wel. ;-). 73, Bas
Hans said…
Leuk om deze portofoon weer tezien.
Begin jaren 80 deze portofoon nog verkocht en ook zelf gebruikt.
Het was de voorloper van de PF85, ook een stukje vakmanschap.
73 Hans, PE1BVQ

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