Very well designed, high quality PCB all parts neatly packed.
With the correct diagram relative easy to build.
The newest PCB is June 2016 documentation pictures shown at Ebay are outdated 
incredible  value for money 14$
Although could not yet test with RF  due too high bias Q2 0.6A - 0.7A
even with shorted B-E  0.6A flowing
Considering the very low prize  the supplied 2SC1971 might be a fake
Mitsubishi does not longer produce this or replacements TO220 medium power RF transistors? 
If someone could give a hint which eBay
  2SC1971 good quality original Misubishi  
 is a real working one
That would be much appreciated 

left is the supplied "2SC1971" not working 0.6A and not adjustable bias
right is a better working possible original Misubishi it is 1mm smaller 
With that one i could adjust the bias to 100mA   ( diagram below  R5=330 OHm)  

 the bias of the IRF530 need to be about 25 50mA  no more no less for max gain
it is a bit tricky adjusting the 2 potmeters they regulate in mirror. 
latest test:
3.5MHz  c.a. 200mW drive to Q2  (Q3 disabled)
>>20Watts out (Wattmeter dummyload 20W limit)
     power 12V limited to 5A

I doubt that it will perform real good at 28MHz with the IRF530 in the final
But if it comes even close to the stated specs below it would be great

3.500MHz  54W
7.050MHz  56W
10.000MHz 57W
14.270MHz 55W
21.400MHz 41W
24.000MHz 37W
28.100MHz 25W
29.600MHz 20W

Not yet found the  correct  PCB parts layout  of  latest PCB version 2016 06 21
Using the actual diagram it will not present difficulties.


Uploading the WSJT adi log to LOTW  is not working for QSO in FT8 mode yet
invalid mode's
Importing JT65 FT8   adi log into the N1MM general log is also not possible
Not exact matching  contest type records are rejected.
QRZCOM online log  does not have these restraints.