DAC 23cm

High activity at 23cm  3rd Tuesday evening during the DAC
My guess DAC stands for Dutch Activity Contest organised by the VERON
But EU wide activity every month 3rd Tuesday evening starting 17:00
After the May IARU contest this was the next good opportunity to test my 1296 GHz station.
And it was a success this monthly evening activity contest is very popular.
remarkable strong signal from SK7MW real 599 CQ-ing

My 23cm setup 120cm dish with  frontend transverter.  On top DK7ZB 642 VHF  below 5e6m +HF

                                            attempt to make a night picture  of the digital readout top-light.

                           The front end transverter DB6NT  + PA 30-40W ,  preamp eBay SPF5189z
                                    PLL DF9NP 1150 MHz  not yet climatized
3 cables down:  28meter   RG58  3x1.5mm 230V    UTP for T/R and measurement
     148MHz i.f. to the IC706 classic  
meanwhile the plastic box is sprayed with grey/ aluminium paint against UV degrading and used an isolated bag over the PLL box
Fttb in near future hope to modify to 10MHz GPS disciplined reference

Claims van de DAC 1296 MHz 3e dinsdag contest van 2017-05-16 17:00UTC tot 2017-05-16 21:00UTC

1.3 GHz
SectieCallsignLocQSOstot kmkm/QSOLoc BonusTotal PointsCall Best DXLoc Best DXAfstandPowerAntenneLog
OpenSOPA0SJO21FW1863773541312877SK7MWJO65MJ683 km1002.45 M Dish?
OpenSOPE1EWRJO11SL1945072371110007DF9ICJN48IW464 km1002*25 el Loopyagi SONIMEDI
OpenSOPA0OJO33HG144257304119757G8CULIO91JO562 km30W1m2 schotelEDI
OpenSOPH4XJO22QE12852851785G3XDYJO02OB285 km515el?
OpenSOPA0FEIJO33BC139391539PA0OJO33HG38 km223 elEDI

Nice to learn that N1MM  supports Transverter  offset.
R-click bandmap,  set tranceiver offset frequency
Then I  entered  1296000        146000
And the CAT to IC706   146.200MHz  shows 1296.200  in the N1MM band ruler
and logs the correct mode and frequency.
In the DAC used manual logging keeping me busy with the administration instead of listening and contacting.
N1MM Contest type: VHF serial  shows the VHF and UHF   6m 2m 70cm 23cm 13cm
Clicking on 23cm CW moves the band-ruler to the correct frequency in the 1296 range
But clicking  on 23cm phone does set the IC706 to 88.000 and the ruler to 1240.000
Bit strange.
When changing mode at the IC706 all is correct.
VHF serial contest type does not calculate Loc bonus the EDI output file must be edited before the contest robot accepts it.
Maybe there is a custom VHF UHF log type available ?