external l.o. 1150MHz connected to DB6NT

Received    PLL  unit from  DF9NP   1150/1152 MHz local oscillator
It is the box left 
Very stable and clean signal  from this unit.
using ADF4153 and TCXO  0.5ppm  -20 -- +70 C
standalone already  very stable 

My ADF4351A is used as test signal generator
at 1296.200  and the 10MHz overtone at 1300MHz is still a good strong reference signal
I switched off the internal  X-tal 96MHz  x 12 3 stage part and fitted an other SMA for the external l.o.
The ADF4351A signal is not as clean as the DF9NP PLL
And standalone with the onboard 10MHz xo it is to unstable to be used as local oscillator for 23cm
but GPS locked  it is a very stable test signal.
 XVTR  with Antenna relay and external 1150MHz l.o.
146  - 148 MHz  #  1296 1298MHz
The l.o. is switchable  to 1152

and can shift - 28 or + 28 MHz for repeater use.
however the DB6NT design is small band using helical bandfilters
i could not get 2W on all shifts
it should be possible to tune the 28 down 1122Mhz  and 1150 to have full output.