160m surprise

unexpected reply on cq test 100W 
hoping for some points in EU  and then 2 strong USA  ham answered
20160116 2346   1831.5 CW   PA0O         599  246  KD6UO           599   002        3
20160116 2348   1831.5 CW   PA0O         599  248  AA6RR           599   002        3

AA6RR was  from Maine
KD6UO from CA?  hard to believe in the present lack of propagation
But today received direct QSL 


Steve McDonald said…
If you Google KD6UO you will see that he is a longtime "remote station" operator. i suspect that he worked you using a remote, probably on the east coast. His QSL should really indicate this location if that was the case. There has been no EU prop from west coast on 160 this winter as far as I know.
Steve McDonald said…
As well, the sun has still not set at 2346Z in California. Looks fishy.
Silvia Jacinto said…
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Jaap van oosten said…
right you are
the card is real...
But a 160m band qso with California DM07
path in broad daylight at that time
that is impossible ...

but it was a good signal for Maine
Roger Strauch said…
Thanks to my friend Chip W1YW I was alerted to this misunderstanding. Yes, I am a remote station operator. In this case, I used the RHR service. My LoTW entry properly documents the contact from NY FN22.
I must admit that this is the first time that my card data has been brought to my attention as an issue.
Jaap, could you please send me a return QSL card or upload the confirmation to LoTW?
As I recall, I included 2-3 dollars for return postage.
My email address is roger@rodagroup.com!