Continued        VM10   and VB6
What I wanted to see in W10  is if VisualBasic6 does works again as a proof to me that W10 is okay
in W8 MS had disabled the IDE  !   MS wants to get rid of their best and popular language product at any costs!
In W10  VB6 installed   the normal way as administrator
it  run's and the unsurpassed  IDE of VB6 works like it does in W7
Some compatibility warnings  you can ignore
WINDOWS 10 is seen as a repaired version of Windows 8
I never saw use for W8 that one I skip'd
For professional applications W7-64 is the preference  professional PC suppliers still ship the systems with W7
But maybe W10 is not a stepback like W8 and can it be a useful next W- OS
this is my story in a nutshell
1. To run W10 technical preview I wanted it as VM in already installed WindowsVirtual PC
But it would not work in W-Virtual PC
2. Virtualbox Oracle older version was installed  V4.3.8  I could not get VM W10 to work in that either.
3. V-box V 4.3.26 would not install at all here
4. VirtualBox V5.04 beta  the latest did install
 there is a new stable version Vbox V4.3.28  i did not try yet
I choose  new VM    Win10    base Win7-64b   and set DVD to ISO W10 32 bit
Used recommended settings Memory  5GB   HD 25GB  etc
My W510 Lenovo has CPU i7 1,73GH Q820   12G ram 500G SSD  screen 1920x1080
Trying  to run  W10 WM  this error came up:
vt-x is disabled in the bios for all cpu modes
It seemed that in my Lenovo W510  "vt-x" was disabled in the bios  
your PC has to provide virtual technics in its hardware for W10 / VM 
coldboot > wait for Lenovo logo > F1 > security > security chip = enable > Intel(R)TXT = disabled
F10 save  after that W10 VM did start and W10 could be installed.
Next was install v5.04 extensions to support USB 1 2 3 twice the 1rst time it did not work.
V-BOX claims the USB devices with filter and then the Host W7 does no longer have access to it.
sharing maps to the external USB drives i found also that it does not share between host and VM
either one claims the resource  not like in Windows Virtual PC  a small minus point

success finally !   and I could not find any issues in running the VB6 IDE
the Database environment normal
some issues pending
The VM-W10 screen resolution is restricted to 1600x1200  where its host W510 has maximum FullHD 1920x1080

There a link fix this and set W10 at full screen but the solution i found
Nice but some key information was not given so I could not yet fix it
That will be the common problem of nerds to provide complete information for the outside wold ?
I would expect to set the screen resolution in the well designed Oracle Virtualboxmanager
USB support is an extra Guest addition and  not standard included.
Bit odd  that important user setting,  the screen resolution has to be managed through the backdoor VBoxManage.exe  commandline

first time to see if a value was set
C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox>VboxManage.exe getextradata "Windows 10" Customvideomode1
No value set!

then set the value that fits to you screen
C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox>VboxManage.exe setextradata "Windows 10" Customvideomode1 1920x1280x32

C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox>VboxManage.exe getextradata "Windows 10" Customvideomode1

2 simple commands but exactly follow the syntax !
And your "VM name"   "Windows 10" spelled exact case sensitive 

then in VM Windows 10   screen resolution 1920 x 1080 is added and can be selected

so the screen resolution issue can be fixed

next issue is how to share (USB)drives  and or Maps  simultaneous between the VM and Host
that is easy in MS Virtual PC  the resources of the Host are shown in the VM explorer tree.

Some sharing functions are offered
looks complex for basic functionality
I tried the command-line again a long type that Linux people like so much..
C:\program Files\Oracle\Virtualbox\Vboxmanage.exe sharedfolde add "Windows 10"--name "W10share" --hostpath "C:\G"
But I could not access that share in the host
Now I use Teamviewer to transfer  files between VM and host  that's easy
teamviewer showed that share! but does not need it to function.
 other issue  MOXA N-PORT which we use to provide more serial ports
 The W8 WHQL driver can find only the 1rst Port of 4 of an N-port 5410
not fixed yet  guess Moxa is working on W10 drivers

it was easy to set up a VM for UBUNTU in V-BOX  no issues  with vt-x etc

An other success I had with   Rosetta Stone language course French  DVD version
for the xyl  I had that installed on my spare X60 Lenovo + docking station DVD
It could not be used on the no CD  MacbookAir  ?? that what was said
But After contacting the Rosetta Stone help chat  i got an link to install it on the Macbook
no problem  at all good service.
Of course you need the product code to activate.

I was too busy  and  missed  the 6m opening last night to PY and ZP
.. audio alert was off
I need a whatsapp message alert maybe that can help me not missing the openings
I did not expect 6m to open after the almost complete radio blackout of the last week after 15 may
But WSPR 10m VK2KRR  was back again in the morning grayline so some rcovering

If my radio 40km west neighbor PF7M  is not giving 599+ reports  and "only" 559
i think it was wasting time to look  ;-)
Although it is not 100% impossible that the spotty skip is visiting my small footprint for a change?
i will not know now..
In all my noise listening years on the tragic band  I have learned that propagation  on 50MHz can be simplified.
When not in a real solar cycle peak we  have no DX propagation outside May June Juli
The wildest DX is reported in the first months of the year in South Europe.
 But below a virtual sharp line somewhere over North Italy. Above that line is no go for 50MHz
This is the best TEP time. But unfortunate we are to far North  and we have no ES yet to have a link to it.
Later this TEP wil be getting weaker and the southern hemisphere loses there ES going towards winter So the goodies will be out of reach for us by the time we have the ES link here.

But then when "we" have ES  actual it is more like them  have ES  I EA HA OM OK UA S-DL
sometimes the band can open a link to f.i. Indian ocean
That was real good for us here begin May  we had that 1 week 4 days 3B9FR was reported
I missed all  except May 15  the last opening but that was my bad  timing with dinner.
In this first May days ES propagation seems to be better in parts of South-Scandinavia.
SM6 OZ SM4 LA reported S.A. contacts we  could not hear ( we = also the OM arround that seem hear "everything" that goes on always)
But the normal procedure is first ON and PA close to ON land report DX
This can shift to my region JO33HG as well  but  it tends to prefer to be west of me
Being at the tale of an opening feels like behind a wall you hear the signals  you want but weaker than every one else. And for the dx you are nr 100 PA/DL/ON not real exciting for them anymore
can't blame  a PA is a PA  for DX  north or south the same but not for me...
Then it skips right to south Scandinavia and never lands here.
Of course this is not a strict rule there are exceptions we can hear sometimes some DX that can't be heard in the south but that's only for the short exception period it never happened that a DX was only workable in the northern part and not in south?
This year this happened but the years before I noticed that too.
We are to close suddenly...  and in the dead zone.
A good period does not last that long 4 days was extreme.
Than  inevitable it ends with a magnetic storm radio blackouts
It can recover in a week or so but then mean time  propagation changes more to west S.A.
That is what we see now  gone is 3B8FR   and the PY's  come   we are hoping for some deeper south
Patagonia CE VP8  etc   but the ES season for them is over...

Image result for ham radio pictures
we can not force working DX...
So the DX range is restricted
In a real solar maximum other DX rules are valid  then with real F2 propagation  that we do not see now.
Imho this is valid for my observations

LENOVO X60 docking bay Audio loopback
Those Lenovo X60 + docking station with DVD com1    and  more USB look perfect for radio apps
they can be purchased for 100€ including dock and installed registered W7
 But they have a flaw using the docking station some sort of software?  shortcirquit exists  between the audio in  and out port
That is the  line in  is allways! monitored to  audio out / or speaker  no matter if this checked or unchecked in the (difficult) W7 audio properties settings.
unchecking  monitor line in  has a too little effect it damps a little bit only
When there is no plug in the lineout  that switches off the internal LS  still you will hear a start of audio loop-back when having volume up and you hand above the internal microphone ..
Bad flaw  makes it hard to use the  digital radio modes with this X60 docking bay

So you get the old Mexican dog  effect back in your system
I had to use an extra relay contact to switch of the line in during TX WSPR for that

And this docking bay ( both I have have the same flaw)   suddenly go wild on the speakers
the line in signal mostly noise from the radio in WSPR mode
Goes unwanted very loud over the LS to be heard everywhere in the house
preferable this happens in the middle of the night when else?
just out of the blue!
I can silence the speakers with the kill button or bring the volume to 0 but then
My WSPR in TX has no longer the audio driven signal    so that is silenced too
The only way i found is to un- and dock again.