3B9FR 50.105 MH10 got'm

The activation  of  Rodrigues Island is the hot item for the  6  community.
After months of plane noise finally real DX .
A good signal and long opening after 3 previous ones passed empty.
Thanks to great activity of Robert and  antenna donated by UKSMG
 QSO time 15:39   a new one i  ! #212  and  MH  main-square  number 90
2 year and 1day  after 3B8DB

Heard long time over 1 hour in and out again heard at almost 17:00
 big pile with  DL OK OM YU etc etc many callers strong heard in the QSX
 50.105 3B9FR  MH10qh     QSX up 2 - 5 kc

When arriving home a quick look at the cluster showed that 3B9FR already had an opening into my area.. was I too late again 3rd day in a row (....)?
Pff  this time the signal came back in to about 569 good signal with big DL OK YU etc pile.


The month May seems to be the best for this area
The end of the TEP season combined with our starting ES.
looking in the list:
72 25-Mar-90 10:03 FR5 FR5EL REUNION isl 1 1
120 15-May-93 16:21 5R8 5R8DG MADAGASKAR 1
165 12-May-01 17:12 3B 3B6RF Agalega  HB9AGH 1
211 15-May-13 17:02 3B8 3B8DB Mauritius
       11-May-15 16:29 5R8UI   Madagaskar LH46DO  
212 14-May-15 15:39 3B9 3B9RF Rodrigues isl. MH10QH

there was more on the band like FR4NT worked 20km NW of me but not a beep
and later CE3SX was worked in ON  PA-close to ON
it really makes a big difference those 250km southwest!
G  EI-north  SM6 LA OZ  everywhere ..
CE is very rare to work at 50MHz  only 2 openings  in our area that i know of
20 August 2001  almost 14 years ago  19:19 CE3RR was worked
in 2013  CE  was worked in JO33 square too
The next possibility will be 2025 then  since we missed this one on the 14-May-2015
Why 6m signals always ( or never) arrive later and weaker here in my QTH?
Maybe the grass here absorbs more RF ..
One thing is changed since my early days in the 80-ties
More trees in a recreation area exists now but  more south of me and the nearest city is south SW.
I have tried several antenna's  9 ele 7 ele  2 el  now a 4 ele shared with HF   was not much difference in  signals on the terrestrial beacons  OZ7IGY LX0SIX 440km always hearable weak in flat conditions .
The only antenna I think that could make a bit a difference  is a stacked 2 x4 or 5 ele  having a bigger aperture then a single that i could try.
May is the month for this area