Upload LOTW fails it is crashed

I tried to recover LOTW
LOTW is better protected then e-banking..
It is easier to send 10.000$  then to upload the LOTW logbook
I don't know why this is so protected. I am not afraid someone is stealing my qso's
I seems a bit of an overkill security made  by a retired CIA official..

Did the trick setting  the system time back. Then TQSLCert shows valid keys
I saved the    p12 type files recovering the p12 files did not help me either
I renewed the PA0O certificate   then a  P5  type file was generated and saved to the hidden Windows user maps but  could trace it back.
I send the pa0o.p5 file to   lotw-logs@arrl.org
 assuming only the call is in the msg header
there was an automatic generated reply saying the request was processed.

Today I received the  pa0o.t6 file in return that supposed to be installed by d-click or by loading it in the TQSLCert.
But the certificates did not recover no keys

I will have to wait for a bugfix from LOTW to continue the LOTW service

pity it worked nice a few years

Now I will post QSO's on HAMLOG

exit  LOTW thanks for the good years

Hard times for DX-ing  in August  ES is over SFI  still >100  but 10m is extreme poor here in WSPR.
After long time I wanted to join a contest for a change. Maybe some fun at 15 -40m.
for the RDA contest but the RDA  ended  08 UTC Sunday morning the SARTGRTTY was left.

Voor het eerst in langere tijd weer eens aan een contest wat meegedaan vandaag.
De RDA was al om 08 UTC zondag voorbij daarvoor was ik te laat
bleef over de SARTGRTTY
28MHz is al lange tijd haast dicht de magere oogst WSPR van de laaste week (unieke decodes)
 last week unique decodes 28MHz WSPR  propagation reporter
  2013-08-12 06:48  VK1HW     28.126051  -29  0  QF44mm  5 PA0O   JO33hg 16494
 2013-08-18 19:12  PA0O      28.126166  -26  0  JO33hg  5 CX2ABP GF15wc 11512 
 2013-08-13 17:18  CX2ABP    28.126069  -20  0  GF15wc  5 PA0O   JO33hg 11512
 2013-08-15 11:50  DU1MGA    28.126055  -21  0  PK04lc  5 PA0O   JO33hg 10286 
 2013-08-11 20:12  TI3/AB4AW 28.126042  -26  -1  EJ89au 5 PA0O   JO33hg 9169 
 2013-08-13 16:18  V53ARC    28.126096  -22  0  JG87    1 PA0O   JO33hg 8486  

80  some USA   and 160 totaly closed for DX

15m   78QSO RTTY  JA  E2 BH  W0  VA7  LT0H  YS/   nog redelijk  reasonable open  

Maar nu wilde ik het log uploaden naar LOTW

plotseling de TQSL (V1.14.3)  melding " no valid certificate found for PA0O"
wat is dat nu weer?
certificate expired?  dat kan haast niet  vorig jaar? nog renewed
29 July upload was okay  en nu  suddenly over ?
empthy huh?
 wat nu weer...
Also on my other laptop TQSL  the certificate was gone! 

 My p12  keys are saved
 for reload..

reload .P12  did not help

wat nu  ?  voorlopig  geen LOTW uploads possible
It is a PIA  this LOTW
certificate expires without warning
then it is a big windows puzzle
set back system time   save the pa0o.p12 again for what ever reason
it wil  be saved to a hidden  windows location   default you can not find it
the the PC keeps on warning about safety certifcate errors
I am about ready to quit the LOTW  now
and wait for some less cryptic system


PE4BAS, Bas said…
Jammer ja van dat LOTW. Ik kan zelf geen back-up maken van mijn certificaat,krijg steeds foutmelding. Dus als mijn laptop crashed is het over. Hecht er weinig waarde aan. eQSL is veel beter en mooier. Maar ja, daar wil de ARRL niet aan natuurlijk. 73, Bas