WSPRNET.ORG was lost now back

It's okay now  I had to force down another ad site tab  and then I could log in again.
But strange I could go to other sites normal.

Suddenly I was trapped on a page advertising for   Nuvoryn a miracle slimming agent
With unbelievable discount 300€ to 60 only tested by a real doctor.!

I was redirected to  and got this message:
NOTICE: This domain name expired on 04/04/2013 and is pending renewal or deletion.

I was a bit tense since internet banks are having access problems today again. 
North Korea could have started an internet attack?


Julian Moss said…
It's working for me just now.

Julian, G4ILO
Jaap van oosten said…
okay is is normal again after I closed another ad page I suddenly landed upon