5X8C 160M



strong signal 599 real

another  3D2NO worked at 40m Friday
Heard ZL3IX at 1831.5 SS peaking 529  for the first time again since December.  
2 x decoded VK7DIK  also since long time at 80m WSPR


John Harper said…
Congrats Jaap! I saw your spot that said they were stronger on 160 than on 80 meters - glad you got them. What antennas do you have for 80/160?

I need 5X on 12, 17 and 80 meters. Maybe see you in the pile-ups!

John AE5X
Jaap van oosten said…
yes real strong weak on 80m that was harder for me
antenna's are vertical wires.
160m is 26m vertical the rest sloping down.
80m is 20m vertical
not that many wires as grond plane
about 6 only used for both 160/80

the 160m was also tuned for 630m Had al lot of decodes at WD4XSH/17 and WE2 at 475.7 kHz in Januari now stoped because the Flex1500 signal is not clean enough at 475kHz