At sunset/sr  about 1730 -1800 I was home and listening 1831.5
for ZL3IX but nothing today  only 4L7CW heard cq

Moved to 3500 CW    
luxury situation  3 ZL's in CW !
 3501 ZL2IFB  419 519
3505 ZL1BYZ   new for 80m
3508 ZL3NB  539   

Last night after a slow start. After 22:00  no transatlantic decodes at all. Fist decode 01:14 last 06:58  93 decodes  in the end.
The "strongest" decodes so far this year.  Best time  05:10- 05:30  -15dB  "Booming" ;-)

2012-12-18 05:16  WE6XGR  0.499500  -15  0  FN12  50  PA0O  JO33hg  5988  47
That happens to be the strongest decode in EU  but  the DL SWR  in JO52 was not monitoring last night. He or She?  had amazing reception last week.
The main WSPR database  can only searched back 1 week.
So history is going back only 1 week  
The old database has other restrictions.
Pity that not all data is available but understanding because it grows to big with that many spots like today:
114,234,681 total spots
118,156 in the last 24 hours
6,217 in the last hour 

now writing this here I see something strange.
roughly 1 day produces 114.000 spots 0.114 million  with 118  million total spots huh  that's  >1000 days  about 3 yearsbut we see only 1 week.  Where is the other 993 days data hiding.
Must be a restriction for downloading, the data is not lost.

WSPR  also appends  decoded text to ALL_WSPR.TX
That text file can be opened by notepad(++).
No matter how the option save is checked, decoded text is saved.

But not every decode is written to ALL_WSPR.txt as I found out.
I did not look in the correct file.. so its the age after all..
The save-all option is related to the saving of the received audio in  
format   121218_0948.wav   yymmdd_hhmm.wav.

Use this option with in mind it takes  2.6Mb per decoded 2 minutes frame. It can stuff your hard disk and the O.S.  can crash.

location on disk: 

 "C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\WSPR\save"

To find this file is not easy. It is hidden very deep in the Windows system 
The location  on my disk: 
 "C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\WSPR\ALL_WSPR.TXT"
crazy isn't it ? why hiding your data  like it is a PIN code for your bank.. 
But not good enough for that purpose either..
The best way to access your own data file is making a short-cut to this exotic location on your desktop.

ALL_WSPR.TXT   had all decodes I searched in the wrong file.
 I seem to find bugs everywhere lately
....  talking about bugs 
 an other subject..

buying  Rule 1
Before purchasing anything one must always check for reviews on internet..
The following 2 items I  bought without   doing this..

A Sharp AQUOS LC37LE320e  LCD TV  bought in 2010   has bugs.
In fact this TV has not finished developing it should never be on the market.
Its back panel of  many audio RCA  and others  is a fake!
It Looks promising there are even more connectors at the left side
1 more HDMI  3 RCA USB rs232 CI and the only functioning headphone plug. 

No working external audio out to connect  to audio systems  except its headphone connector with low impedance hence too low Voltage level to match a common audio input of audio systems.
I has a boot error that makes audio is missing when HDMI  is used as source.
 After having contacted Sharp EU they confirmed this and there is no solution but to buy a real TV!
It only works a bit using the antique SCART connectors.
I want to get rid of SCART because they are very vulnerable for RFI  1-5W Rf  is enough to have severe  interference.
HDMI  does not have this I can run 400W at least, in an antenna close to the TV at 80m no RFI that is a real good thing about the HDMI type cable.
I remember my old TV could not stand any RF at 80m at all.
HDMI seems to be HAM proof. 
Besides CE  ( China Export) There should be a HC  Ham Certified

I would like to compile a list of HC  devices.

This why I decided to buy an Satellite tuner using HDMI and have  HD picture quality.
the XARIUS COMBO Full HD Receiver
However this tuner has a boot error as well.
 ER00  is sometimes on the display   and   only re-booting will work
This rebooting was done more than usual because of the  audio bug with the Sharp TV...
The 2 malfunctioning things work close together to give maximum annoyance ..
The slogan of the Xsarius displayed during the long loading  and booting time:  "Xsarius made to enjoy" 
should be  Xsarius made to annoy
Some luck I had that this devices are not advertised as being "Smart TV"  or "Smart tuner"   I probably  would still be busy to get a picture out of it..
Rule 2 :  do avoid  devices that call them self "smart" 

Like a smart phone, some people would say  its your age probably..
But does stupid soft or hard ware  gets smarter if you turn back the clock?

The list can be much longer ... 





DaMorseMan said…
Yet another proof that live sucks ...


Merry Xmas & Prosperous 2013 (with some nice DX)

Enno, PF5X
PE4BAS, Bas said…
Misschien toch maar een Philips TV kopen ;-) 73, Bas
Julian Moss said…
The save folder is not in such an obscure location on Windows XP. I'm glad I stuck with this version.

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