I did S&P  looking for goody's  not full time contest.
The propagation did peak  Thursday at 10m  a bit too early  
Just in the weekend the propagation was in a dip but still 10M showed  a lot activity  and good dx like KH7X strong over longpath.
N1MM  K3.  I am having more and more problems
CAT connection is lost  with overflow error pop-up very often.
Asking  to send error report almost every few minutes.
The frequency ruler gives wild frequency's  and the input field is wiped out.

I experience this problem  long time now.  I think it started since the switch from XP/ W2000 to W7 few years back although  also with XP I noticed this problem but rare. 
I have not observed communication problems when using a normal system comport and W2k  or XP I think I can say. 
Very annoying  and some QSO's where lost.This did not happen often  and if it did it was while  logging  normal QSO's   not  in contest style.
But it became worse for yet unknown reason and now it is  unworkable.

To find out whether this is a software or hardware issue I thought to give TR4W a try in this CQWWSSB  test.
TR4W had no communication issue with the same hardware.
In the rest of the weekend.
Only thing is that  this logger  is complete different in use.
It needs training.  


Bandmap very different it is not a ruler like N1MM
I found it difficult to navigate no tuning indication.
The refresh is blinking like a flash light how to endure this a whole contest without serious headache??
The entry section  assisted is not covering the torture it should be section TR4W handicap... 
A very full 10M band map during CQWWSSB 

TR4W export to ADI  gives freq error  wrong decimal position
importing the ADI in N1MM will give freq errors.
   the ADI format can not be displayed here  as it is
since HTML  did not handle  "greater/ smaller then" signs.
2.866587      should be  28.66587
0.371695     should be 7>3.71695

It seems that TR4W development is not finished yet  sorry enough. 

The one thing I like of TR4W is the error free CAT connection 
The same hardware  PC (W7pro32 notebook D420)  USB-serial Prolific and  K3  works  stable with TR4W.

I have not found an explanation yet 
I have run a new full install V 11.0.0 and then updated to the latest N1MM version. V12.10.3   but that did not help.
After years  of using  CT and then N1MM flawles Is this the end of my contesting activity?   

For normal logging need to find an other solution too.
Back to a paper log?    never!
I will have to share my experience at the TR4W usergroup
The ADI issue  seems easy to fix to me.
Still I have not spoken a TR4W user yet about this.   


PE4BAS, Bas said…
Hallo Jaap, bedankt nog voor het korte QSO op 160m. Het blijft vreemd dat de connectie met TR4W goed is en met N1MM niet. Daar zou toch een logische verklaring voor moeten zijn. Vond de condities Zondag ook niet denderend. Veel DX gehoord maar niet kunnen werken. 73, Bas