Had a strange problem with N1MM  at the start of this contest. The  incremental #  was out of control..
It incremented double.  The auto-serial number started at 5 not 1  and in 10 QSO  it was already at  50 .

I could not find any fault in N1MM  configuring.
But my Notepad was also running N1MM  in general logging.
Had to switch N1MM off then al was normal again.  n=n+1 every QSO..
But the first 10-20 contacts will be marked as invalid by the contest robot..

Strange, N1MM normal did report that the contest types do not match in multi user network mode.
But  have not seen this behaviour before.
28 was again wide open to VK1 2 3 4 5 6 7   even 200mW copied by VK7AB again.

But no DX worked or heard in the contest !


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