6 m antenna back up again

This afternoon I took the 6m 7ele LFA Uda down from the attic and placed it back in the mast at 22m a.g
Cold wind from the south-east and early dark but everything went good 80/160/40/30 meter wire dipoles all stretched without getting stuck in the trees.
With the high sunspots I am hoping for some 6M DX ...
It is not 100% impossible that some signal leaks trough to northern areas???
Or is it?
Anyway I did sacrifice the  multi-band dipole  40-10 for 6m then but still have 20-6 Steppir and the  40/30 dual dipole.

I cleaned the shack a bit  and taddaa  a little bragging..


PE4BAS, Bas said…
Brrrrr, koud klusje met 4 graden. Ik ga morgen de 80m loop weer opzetten. Hoop op iets warmer weer. Maar je zou wel eens gelijk kunnen krijgen. Ik hoorde dat PE5T met TU2T had gewerkt op 6. 73, Bas

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