to SMIRK or not to SMIRK thats the question?? 6m contest Band open to USA VE E-EU

This weekend finally we had action on 6m here in the JO33hg no go zone...
Found  6m wide open when i started but i could not find the rules to N1MM logger i was not prepared for the contest I did not expect we would have a Ball at 6m
I was confused about what contest was on and started VHF serial type since i heard exchange with serial given on the band..
And now Sunday  i still hear serial  exchanged
Also a signal report is not needed as i see on the SMIRK side?Exchange is callsign, SMIRK number, if applicable, and grid square. Partial contacts in which one of the above pieces of information are missing, do not count. 
6 digit square ?  or is 4 digits okay too? 
That would be my type of contest !   just the locator as real info..
Our normally well informed contest calendar by PG7V did not mention SMIRK because that is not HF.
Now later found SMIRK needs no serial number but optional a SMIRK member NR to double the QSO points.. 
There was a good Stateside opening but most W where not in the contest although  SMIRK is organised by USA hams .   
 That serial number was a bit a handicap for me.. screwed up a few QSO's   41 W/VE could be worked
the best DX was KN5O  LA  EM40xl
also earlier A45XR LL93DO had a good signal here

Was I really in the SMIRK contest ? it should end Sunday 24:00 UTC  says the webside below  but all signals where gone after 13UTC and reporting was different ?? Anyway I was in a contest  with good result 185 Q including 41 USA

No it must have been the other contest UKSMG ..
dough some spots mention  SMIRK test  to make the confusion worse..
I send my result to SMIRK...  i think i will be number 1 in SMIRK then hi hi.
But it is strange the SMIRK organisation site clearly announced 18 00:00  till 19 June 24:00 2011  as the contest time.


If you have been around 6 meters for any length of time, you have most likely heard about the SMIRK Contest.  It's loads of fun!  You can meet SMIRK members or become a SMIRK member during this contest, just call "CQ SMIRK", and you are sure to get some answers.  Click the tabs for rules, results, etc.

should have looked here before starting.


PE4BAS, Bas said…
Hallo Jaap, mooi werk. Hoorde alleen en E77 contest roepen. Verder niets, geen USA of zo. Is alleen op CW zeker...73,Bas