6m is a bit sad in WSPR

6m  is  poor not only in WSPR 6m 
The highlights so far an other QSO with A92IO and heard J88ARC/B  at 50.0085  FM5WD and FG6GL  one evening since then not much but EU ES
There was an opening to USA but not here in JO33hg as far as I know.   My 7 ele LFA  does work but i do not expect much at 50 here. I was hoping for more WSPR activity at 50MHz.

T61AA Ross is the only Asian WSPR active it seems. 
Until he gets his yagi's out of  storage he is using a wire..
80m is still good even in these times with high a-index and long daylight.
VK7DIK is still decoding me at 80m during greyline time.
Lasts sometimes  way over 1 hour  and the result is complete different from day to day. 
 Yesterday  7 decodes by VK7DIK and 13 by VK5PJ
I did not copy them.
A decode here of VK is rare.
I have not decoded a VK long time but been decoded many times even when the signals here are "strong" and i am decoded with 1W still no trace of VK7DIK or other VK's  on the screen.
Even now when typing this VK7DIK did decode my 5W @ 80m already!

I am preparing a second antenna mast. laying out coax and control cable to the other side of my house.  an extra 30m distance.
Got a thick coax odd type 50 ohm  foam inner conductor 4.2mm 
cupper clad  Low loss.  Had to improvise the connector. 
33m 50MHz  gave no serious loss
Now i am just a few steps away for using my Steppir finaly.
When assembling the beam of the Steppir i had problems to find the right positions of the sections.  The beam drilling's are far from precise and the sections are not inter-changeable.


I try to hide the mobile Versatower in the garden behind a tree..
My first impression was. A motor driven winch is a must... i takes long long to bring it up and down by a hand winch.
Compared to my tilt mast.. i just have to release 4 joints and than i can tilt it down/up in 1 minute or less..


PE4BAS, Bas said…
Hallo Jaap, ja 6m WSPR is inderdaad niks. Zo een mobiele versa tower is wel mooi, heb je ook geen vergunning voor nodig omdat het geen vaste opstelling is. Jammer dat die dingen zo verrekte duur zijn ook 2e hands anders stond er hier allang 1. Een elektrische lier is inderdaad wel een must. De 12m versie die ik heb duurt al een eeuw om omhoog te draaien. 73, Bas
PA0O said…
Hoi Bas ja wat knutselen buiten in de hoop dat het ooit weer een beetje goed komt met de hoge banden.

Pas op met je freq op 6m WSPR je zit net buiten de 200 Hz band vandaag
Gisteren nog een paar Hz lager net binnen het WSPR segment
Het voordeel van WSPR komt nu toch echt boven... Ik ben een beetje met schilderwerk buiten bezig maar toch QRV.