PACC 2011 is over

Our yearly activity highlight is over again.
My results

       Band    QSOs    Pts  Cty
         1,8     157     157   29
         3,5     271     271   40
           7     331     331   62
          14     296     296   57
          21     142     142   38
          28      10      10    5
       Total    1207    1207  231

            Score : 278.817
              Rig : K3  100W

A good exercise in CW  handling.
It was fun and a long night.
Propagation poor  but not as poor as it looked.
The PACC brings a lot of activity some hams see it as QRM  ..  anyway sure that every tiny opening is used during the 24 hours of this contest.
The WAEDX RTTY  is in the same weekend that is a pity but gives some indication about the real propagation. 

In between could work with Cameroon TJ9PF on 160 for a new one.  ( then needed my PA  )
Had to stop at 04  until  07  to rest no takers then anyway only few hours sleep gave a sort of jet-lag  Sunday afternoon 

This time i did low power CW K3  single.
Assisted ?  i had the cluster screen on i guess yes everyone is assisted  almost this way.
Very pleased with this result. I was not thinking of passing the 1000Q barrier given the poor propagation with low power dipoles and wire's.
My 80m vertical is at few meters distance on one side of the metal mast at the other side is the 160m top loaded GP. This could not work... but it does 80m works relative fine. 
This is interesting stuff:
Yagi vs Vertical

Nice feature in N1MM  auto update your score if you want to show it to the other contestants
Only 3 PA's  shared there real time contest score..
No one in the same SO LP CW  to compare my result.

It was a race in multipliers with PA6V  but in mixed   more multipliers can be found that was obvious.
They where about 30-40 multies behind Sunday early morning but came closer every hour and there was nothing i could do about that. A multi / single operator station comparison but it was interesting to see their progress.
The continent Africa in CW is only 1 ZS6 and a few EA8  that is not a real help.

Met PA6V  in de strijd ... om de multiplier  ze liepen steeds verder in
en vlak voor het eind hadden ze me ingelopen ;-)
Helaas Africa was behalve  EA8 totaal afwezig in CW 

Andere contesters houden de score angstvallig geheim ?

btw  this blog   i can just not find a way in the prefabricated functions to design it like i want  same i had with   and  wordpress  so it is in the default state I see  other Blogs having the for me hidden possibilities like a Menu bar etc.  



PE4BAS, Bas said…
Hallo Jaap, mooie score. Wel spannend zo met een ander station dat zo een beetje gelijk loopt. Ik wist niet dat je de score auto kon updaten en dan publiceren. Dat moet ik eens onderzoeken. 73, Bas