ARRL RTTY FT8 roundup ARRL 160CW

The first  FT8 contest 

Needs the latest WSJT-x rc5
PG7V contest agenda shows how to prepare. 

But i choose to install a separate instance of this rc5 version
to keep the existent WSJT-x 1.9.1  unchanged 

Installed WSJT-x rc5  not default but to WSJT-xRC5

Then renamed copy of shortcut:
Change property target: 
Target: C:\WSJT\wsjtxRC5\bin\wsjtx.exe --rig-name=Roundup
Start in:   C:\WSJT\wsjtxRC5

A  separate instance starts when clicking this shortcut
all logfiles are virgin.
wsjtxlog.adi  is not created yet it will when the first FT8 QSO is logged 

This WSJT-x rc5 must be configured as a new install
User , radio frequencies for RTTY

I managed  132 QSO   i heard a lot more then I could work
screen full USA  but even with extra power it was hard to be heard

Nice experience   
This contest exchange uses real reports!
529 539 539 559 ....  
The maximum report i saw  589   not a single time 599 
The whole contest takes only 2.7 kHz per band !!
Log upload did not work 
The  Cabrillo file  missing received exchange field 
The  imported wsjtlog.adi does have the  0001 0041    serial exchange 

Also the ARRL 160m contest was this weekend
Dissapointing propagation , signals faded after a promessing start .

Only stations with EU interest could be worked 
69 QSO  
FL MO CO  sometimes strong but no ear for EU
More like a National contest.

FLEX1500  repaired  
Rx deaf ( again)
My diagnose:  preamp ADL5531  defect

The FL1500  was away for the same reason by a Flex specialist. 
It was okay some time but sudden went "deaf" while testing with Beverages switching E/W 12V  over coax   galvanic separated 
for many years without trouble with a K9AY loop before.
Both transverter inputs  XVTX/C  and XVRX  have internal protection diodes type GBLC03C Protec.
Specification  8kV contact 20kV /25kV air  350W pulse 
clamping  3.5  4V  seems very well protected.
Hard to believe that this DC switching could do any harm.
This time i repaired it myself
But what was told to me is  right, this is a specialist job.
Very tiny ADL5531  device with its mass connection underneath...
 I got a spare ADL5531 from eBay

This was a most difficult SMD repair job
But with succes 
The ADL5531 was broken as thought. 
No other parts damaged lke the PE42641 1:4 switch at the input  
 or the band switches PE4259
Even harder to explane why the ADL behind the switches and band filters could damage without damaging other parts.
They all worked normal  i can switch the Antenne ports and 
tune XVTX/C is about 0dB signal level.

The  FLEX1500 RX board   the ADL5531 IC3 is mid under 
Just above the yellow block  C
It was interesting  to explore the FL1500 circuits and how well designed !
The lowest frequency that can be generated from the XVTX/C port with a decent sinusiod shape is 491.626 kHz  
Tune 1Hz down and the output changes to garbage ! That is so sorry.
One would think this needs only a small modification in the firmware?
                                         491.625 kHz 
                              491.626 kHz 



PE4BAS, Bas said…
Hallo Jaap, had met FT8 RU dezelfde ervaring. Zag veel meer dan ik kon werken. Voor een volgende FT8 contest zou de bandbreedte minimaal 2x zo groot moeten zijn. Overigens heb ik ook RC5 in een andere directory geplaatst. Echter de configfile en ADI file deelt hij samen met de oude versie. Heb de ADI file eerst verplaatst zodat ik een schone ADI file voor de contest had. Het programma werkte bijna feilloos alleen had ik problemen met stations die de RR73 soms niet namen en daarom nog een keer een rapport stuurden. WSJT-X herkend dat niet helaas. Dupes zag hij ook niet, of ik had wat verkeerd staan? 73, Bas
John Harper said…
Thanks for the contact in the Round-Up, Jaap - good to work you on 20m.
73 - John AE5X
Jaap van oosten said…
Hallo Bas
idd Dupes no warning color i checked the color settings again but al settings seems correct